Kintek exists to offer organisations access to state of the art technologies and services.

Founded in London in 2016, Kintek consists of a uniquely dedicated and skilled team. We're optimistic about the potential for technology to build a great future.

We offer organisations technology services across five key areas we're experts in. These include consulting, support, supply, build and people.


Our mission is to utilise creative thinking and innovation to enhance existing digital systems and to design and build new solutions, with the overarching aim of increasing business efficiency, desirability and profitability.

We're also developing our own range of custom technologies, made available to our clients.

Our vision is for Kintek to become a multifaceted technology organisation, and a major player in the exciting and rapidly developing tech space.




Our style is thoughtful, considered and forward-thinking.

Kintek's hands-on approach allows businesses to embrace emerging technologies through carefully implemented project management, research and innovation.

We take time to understand each client's needs and to design a personalised roadmap for each project.


Crown Commercial Supplier G-Cloud 13 Framework Digital Outcomes & Specialists 6 NHS DSPT Cyber Essentials